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Less than 10% of Genealogy records are available online

Ozark Courthouse Vault

1. Most of the 10% online records are through subscription websites.
2. Less than 10% of the records are available at the Family History Library
3. Less than 10% of the records are available at National Archives & State Archives

Where is the other 70%+ Records located?

Our Researchers go on location which makes us more successful than anyone else.

Actual Research Situation

We were researching Spear Fitsworth who lived in Ozark County, Arkansas in the 1800’s.

Without going to Ozark County, we would never had known that there were two Spear Fitsworth's born in Ozark county the same year... The information could not be found in any other location.

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"Exactly what I wanted."

"Ancestry For Me, you were lots of help. Thanks for gathering as many documents as you were able to get your hands on. Exactly what I wanted. I now plan to go to Ireland and visit my ancestor's homeland. Thanks So much"

"The research went back to 900 A.D."

"The team traveled to Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina, New York, & Massachusetts and recovered some incredible Photographs of my Family and original Civil War Letters and many other items. The research went back to 900 A.D. in Ireland, England, Germany, and France. I have recommended Ancestry For me to several colleagues'. Well done!"

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