Why Us?

1. Your Family is our Family when we do your research!

2. Our Researchers go on location which makes us more successful than anyone else. How are most genealogy records accessible?

1. Less than 10% of Genealogy records are available online. Of this 10%, most are through subscription websites.

2. Less than 10% are available at the World famous Family History Library

3. Less than 10% are available at National Archives & State Archives

So where is the other 70%+ Records located? And why is this important to your research? As an example this actual research situation was researched by us.

We were researching Spear Fitsworth who lived in Ozark County, Arkansas in the 1800’s. We found him in online records. We knew his birth year and his place of birth. It is a rather unusual name and the average person wouldn’t think that there would be another Spear Fitsworth. When we travelled to Ozark County we found that there were two Spear Fitsworth’s who were born in Ozark County in the same year. So which Spear Fitsworth is the correct ancestor of our client? It turned out that there was a grandfather who had several sons who all named a child Spear. We then accessed the probate records in the Ozark Courthouse Vault. We also discovered that probate books A+B were missing and as the Courthouse Clerks stated, the Circuit Judge came by during the Civil War and wanted to protect the Land Records from the approaching Union Army and put them on his horse and while crossing the Arkansas River the Books were washed away. However, Ozark County had done something unusual. They had an index book and if a husband died, they wrote in the index book the widow’s name without having her go through the expense of a probate. This index contained birth dates and other critical information that allowed us to identify the correct Spear Fitsworth.

Without going to Ozark County, we would never have provided the correct information. It could be found in no other location. And this is why we are successful. Our information is correct. We don’t stick to just the 30% of Records, we go after 100% of the records.

Ozark Records
Ozark Records
Ozark Records Ozark Records

Ozark Records

3. We don’t have project managers that act as liaison between you and your research. You have access to and will talk directly with your research team.

4. Our prices are set and inclusive except for records covered under the Privacy Act. Prices must reflect not only expertise but the ability to cover expenses such as travel, accommodation and meals. Our prices reflect this.

5. After your first update you will be provided with a schedule of dates that you will receive updates.

6. If you were Adopted, having experienced Adoption researchers going on location is critical to finding your biological family. This process is too sensitive to publish, but we will talk with you about the process. Our Adoption researchers were all Adopted, and this is mandatory, so they know how you feel.

7. Who do you think you are? A great question and the name of a Genealogy Television Series where a celebrity is chosen to have some of their genealogy performed and placed on television. Unfortunately most clients don’t have a few million dollars to pay dozens of researchers to peruse their family tree for sensational ancestors. And it is TV and normal researchers don’t have the same clout as a TV crew to obtain access to records.

8. We know who you are! You are the sum total of all your ancestors combined. You will have incredible people in your ancestry, average farmers, and some people you may not want to know about, but don’t worry, everyone has skeletons in the closet ancestors, but what we find is confidential.

9. Our research on location is much more intense than a Television Show. We are re-creating the lives of your ancestors, bringing their memories back to life. By the time we conclude your research you will know far more about your ancestors than any celebrity from a television show. We do offer a special package for anyone desiring to accompany us to the locations their ancestors lived to join the adventure of discovery.

10. How important are your ancestors? If one of your ancestors never existed, or had died before having children, you would never have existed as you are now. So every ancestor is critical to your existence. Your ancestors overcame many obstacles in their lives and whenever you have a challenge, one of your ancestors has probably overcome the same challenge or similar challenge that you may have or are experiencing in your life. This is significant because when you come to know your ancestors, you will gain strength in knowing they are part of you and you can and will succeed at overcoming any obstacle in your life.

11. We are not just a company, we are a family and we welcome you to our family.